We provide a number of different services for yards and horse owners, please read more about them below:

Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange to speak to Alex.

Behavioural Assessment Consultation:

Working under veterinary referral and combining cognitive behavioural therapy and training, Alex offers behavioural help consultations where he will assess the horse’s behaviour and the ‘problem’ (as described by owner) then help in the session and provide a training and behaviour modification programme to help the owner solve the behavioural issue over a period of time. Further review sessions to follow up with training and guidance are available. 

Saddle Fitting Consultation:

Alex is a Level 4 Advanced Saddle Fitter with the International Academy of Saddle Fitters and is also a tutor on their accredited saddle fitting pathway courses. He will often combine behavioural assessment consultations and saddle fitting due to so many ridden behavioural issues being down to poor saddle fit.

Groundwork Training:

As a trainer, Alex applies the concept of the humane hierarchy and LIMA to all training to provide the most effective and non-aversive training approach possible within any given situation. Alex provides training sessions on common areas such as Loading, Leading, Long-Reining, Lunging and any other general groundwork.

Ridden Lessons:

As a unique qualified behaviourist and saddle fitter, Alex is able to apply the knowledge of behaviour, horse anatomy and biomechanics to ridden lessons. Riding lessons focus on the biomechanics of the rider and the behaviour of the horse in an effort to development the communication and synergy between horse and rider through the use of biomechanical adjustments and behaviour science. As a practitioner member of the International Society for Equitation Science, Alex applies the equitation science principles to all ridden lessons.


Alex is available to teach a variety of different clinics and workshops whether it be in general groundwork for horses, horsemanship skills, natural LIMA training, liberty training or behavioural workshops, Alex holds a clinic or workshop at your own yard or facility with an agreed group. You don’t have to be experienced or a horse owner to take part in a clinic, you can take part if you are interested in horses or work at a yard too.


Cancellation Policy:

Alex requests at least 72 hours notice before cancelling a session. He is regularly fully booked months in advance and cancelled sessions can cause problems when other clients are turned down for an appointment due to a booking, only to have that booking cancelled at short notice therefore disadvantaging other clients. 

If less than 72 hours notice is given before cancelling a session, Alex reserves the right charge up to the full session fee. Extenuating circumstances will, of course, be taken into consideration when short-notice cancellations are made.

Thank you for your co-operation.